A Lifetime of Creativity: JK Clancy

Josie brings an understated and whimsical style to her art which I just love. Her creations point out the simple beauty in life that we may not take the time to appreciate.

She blends digital art with organic forms, taking inspiration from her surroundings, and of course her cats (which alone is worth a follow on Instagram).

As I like to do with all our artists, I had a chance to ask her a few questions and better understand what inspires her creativity.

How did you first get started in art?  What is your background?

I’m lucky to have always had creativity around me since I was really young.  My dad is a musician, so he would play music all the time and paint with me at the kitchen table.  And I remember my grandma showing me how she draws faces when I was little.  My family definitely encouraged my imagination.

What are your biggest influences?

I love the colors, shapes, and patterns of the world around me.  Plantlife inspires me a lot; I love photographing & drawing it.  Architecture is fun, too.  Human forms are very interesting.  And animals, especially my cats.

What trends in the art world have you most excited?

I love seeing people being collaborative and open in the art world.  But I don’t think it’s so much a trend as much as it is an awesome and uplifting way of working with peers.

What do your creations aim to say?

I’ve called my creations my “brain stains” because they’re really just the world around me filtered through my brain.  I hope that they encourage people to keep exploring the world and their minds.

What keeps you motivated to create?

My partner, Ricky ( @rek.glass ), definitely motivates me.  He is such a hard-working & creative person and I admire his dedication to his craft.  I appreciate all the support he has for me.

How big a role has Rochester played in your creativity?

I was born here in Rochester and grew up in the Finger Lakes, so this area has always felt like home.  This area is gorgeous and there is so much beautiful art here and so many mediums.  I’m very happy to have met the artists that I have here, there are so many.  

And shout out to Max Wilkins for organizing the doodle group that meets on Thursdays at Fuego.  Going to that weekly has definitely made me feel more productive.

I have to thank Josie for taking a moment to answer those questions, It’s always great to hear and appreciate others’ perspectives.

If you do one thing today, take a moment and check out her collection available here on ShopLocalli.  You can also find her on Instagram @_jkclancy_.

JK Clancy Art’s Creations:

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