Aligning with Abundance: Combining Passions to Create Jewelry

Creativity is one of the most important aspects of life. Often creativity takes form within a unique perspective, begging for someone to showcase it to the world.

Samantha Jackson with Aligning with Abundance is one of those creative individuals, combining her passion for essential oils, with her passion for jewelry.  The result, incredible jewelry that looks just as good as it smells (who senses not often associated together with jewelry).

Her use of stunning stones & lava beads creates pieces that allow the wearer to infuse it with their own personality.  Samantha shared with me what inspires her, and I’m excited to share it with you, the reader.

How did you first get started in jewelry? 

I discovered aroma jewelry in 2018. It immediately caught my attention because of the purpose it serves alongside essential oils. I kept my eye on this style of jewelry and the growing trend, and knew there was a spark there!

What are your biggest influences?

There is such a huge circle of influence around my process. My boyfriend is definitely a huge influence; he is a musician so there is an infinite amount of creative freedom and support between us at all times. Being an artist/musician duo we are constantly bouncing ideas off of each other, always exploring and on the verge of inspiration. 

What trends in the jewelry world are you excited about? 

I will always be so excited for these lava stones, and I think they still have so much potential even though they’ve been popular for a couple years now. They make a beautiful piece on their own. But with people being more health conscious, and welcoming the holistic lifestyle, essential oils have really made their way into daily routines and I think that is so awesome. Bringing the beauty of jewelry together with the benefits of essential oils is what it’s all about for me!

What keeps you motivated to create?

The motivation I have from finally finding my niche is overwhelming. I have had a few artistic ‘side hustles’ over the past 6 years from tie dye to paper crafting, to holiday decor. I knew I was in the right direction but it never felt completely meant to be. I still love doing those things in my spare time, but this brand I have created for myself has happened so naturally and so successfully I know I’ve found the right creative energy. It fits perfectly and I am so proud to call it my growing business after so many ‘side hustles’! I envision big things for Aligning With Abundance and that the guide for the drive.

How big a role has Rochester played in your creativity?

I’m extremely grateful for the people and fellow artists I’ve met in Rochester, it is by far the best thing I could have asked for.

To name a few of the extraordinary people and business owners that are on my continued influence list; Leslie Zinck, Owner of Lovin’ Cup, Andy Ribble, Owner of Liquid Cloud Lounge, Kelly Breuer, Rochester Women’s Boutique, and last but not least my friend and fellow Shop Localli artist Kelsey Eksten, KelseyLee Artistry.

They’ve welcomed me into their shops and shows and I love being a part of it! I’m excited to hopefully take on some of the big art shows Rochester has to offer, and meet some more awesome people along the way.

Jewelry by Aligning with Abundance:

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