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Why sell on ShopLocalli?

Join the marketplace made for local artists & businesses.
No monthly fees, no listing fees.

Artist-Inspired Platform with Powerful Tools

We don't take the cookie-cutter approach to ecommerce. As a community-focused artist or retailer, your needs are different.

We've created a unique selling experience tailored to you. It's  easy to add products, post your business hours, and maintain your community-first focus while selling online.

We sync with popular inventory systems like Shopify & Vend, allow you to set vacation time, schedule sales, create coupons, and much more.

We Cover Same-Day Delivery

We take care of logistics, providing same-day delivery to your customers.

Artists shouldn't have to meet up in a poorly-lit parking lot just to complete a transaction.

Local retailers should have access to the same convenient options as big-box stores.

Secure Payment Processing

We partner with Stripe, one of the world's most reputable payment processors.

As soon as your item sells, money is deposited into your own Stripe account. You're in control, and can set your own deposit schedule (daily, weekly, manual, etc).

Stripe uses robust artificial intelligence to prevent fraud. This means you can count on the legitimacy of all transactions.

Register on ShopLocalli & Stripe Payments

  • Register your store for free on ShopLocalli.  You can create a new account, or upgrade your existing customer account to become a vendor.  Go to your account dashboard for details.
  • During the registration process, You'll also create an account with Stripe.  This is how you get paid.

List Your Items & Receive Orders

  • It's time to create listings!  We have three ways to do this: sync from Shopify or Vend, upload your inventory in bulk, or create products from scratch.
  • Bulk upload is fast & great for stores with existing inventory systems.
  • Once an order comes in, we'll send you an email with details.

ShopLocalli Delivers, Ludicrously

  • Customers get their item delivered same day by ShopLocalli.
  • We take care of the logistics, and our drivers will bring your order directly to the customer.
  • We ask customers to order  before 4pm for same-day delivery.  Be sure to check your orders at the end of the day to take care of any new orders that come in.

Secure payments, Instant Payout

  • We partner with Stripe, a leading provider of secure payments.
  • Sales are immediately sent to your Strip account. No waiting for monthly pay-outs.

Pricing with the little guy in mind...

Affordable, transparent, and secure.

There are no listing or monthly fees, and you only pay if your item sells.
We even include payment processing costs.

Our Fees:

Monthly Fees &
Listing Fees
Sale Commission

Seller Stories

Here are some common questions about selling on ShopLocalli

How do fees work on ShopLocalli?

Joining and listing items is free. Once you sell an item, we take a simple commission for the sale.

Our commission is a simple 9% per sale. Included are all fees associated with payment processing.

That’s it!  No surprises, pure simplicity.

What do I need to do to create a shop?

Create a ShopLocollai account (if you don’t already have one), and follow the simple on boarding process.  Set your stores hours, return policy, and contact details.

Choose your shop name, add products, and sign up with Stripe to receive payments.

How do I get paid?

This is why we partnered with Stripe.  Their powerful tools allow us to immediately split the sale between your revenue and our commission. Once the sale is completed, this is immediately transferred to your account.

Can you tell we like keeping things easy & fast?

How Do Customers Request Exchanges & Refunds

Every situation is different, and we don’t want to impose restrictive return & exchange policies on our seller.  We know that you prefer to handle returns & exchanges in a way that makes sense for you and your customers.

That said, if a customer does request a refund, we will reach out and let you know of the situation so that you can address it as you see fit.  We ask that you update your return policy via the store dashboard to keep your customers informed.  

Still have more questions? Feel free to reach out.

It's time to get your share of online sales.

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