Kelseylee Artistry

  • Green Aura Quartz and Sari Silk Necklace

    A combination of a muted silver colored chain with an up-cycled scrap of sari silk and a green aura quartz crystal.

  • Purple Sari Silk Scrap and Magical Crystal Jar Necklace

    This necklace is filled with magic! The purple fabric is up-cycled sari silk, inside the jar is a tiny purple feather and some crystals, wrapped around the sides is Swarovski crystals and glass with Agrentium Silver wire. It’s on the longer side and will hang around your lower part of your sternum.

  • Wood and Swarovski Crystal Earrings

    Wood and gold Swarovski crystals on gold colored wire.

  • Purple feather earrings

    Purple feathers make everyone feel fabulous!

  • Sari Silk Scraps and Glass Leaf Earrings

    These earrings have up-cycled scraps of sari silk and handmade glass leaves.

  • Quartz Crystal, White Jade, and Gold Bracelet

    Summer vibes all day!
    Quartz crystal, white jade, swarovski crystal, and gold.

    On stretch cord and fits an average adult wrist.

  • Quartz Crystal, White Jade and Rose Gold Bracelet

    This bracelet feels so elegant and summery! A chunk of quartz crystal as a centerpiece and white jade, rose gold and Swarovski crystals to complete this look. The bracelet is on stretch cord and fits an average adult wrist.

  • Labradorite, Onyx, Lava Stone, and Quartz Crystal Bracelet

    Labradorite, onyx, lava stone , crackle quartz, quartz crystal, metal and swarovski crystal all hang out together on this stunning bracelet. On stretch cord and fits an average adult wrist.

  • Long Arrow Necklace

    An Arrow points the way while it hangs off of an upcycled extra large washer. This pendant hangs from a very long chain and lands the pendant around your solar plexus area.


    Long Arrow Necklace

  • Leather and Copper “Oh” Necklace

    This leather scrap has turned into a fashion statement that will make admirers say “Oh!” Chainmail accents all on a short antique copper colored chain to sit high on the chest.

  • Druzy Necklace

    This simple yet elegant piece will surely make you sparkle. A druzy pendant on a dainty chain. Sits high on the chest and sparkles all day long.


    Druzy Necklace

  • Red Leaf Necklace

    The warmth of this necklace is infectious! The red glass lead in the gold colored chain will sit in the middle of your chest. It radiates the summer warmth that will follow you into fall.


    Red Leaf Necklace

  • Hammered moon and star Necklace

    Hammered gold colored moon and star hang from and gold colored short chain. Sits high on the chest.

  • Lotus with Mauve Quartz Crystal Necklace

    On a 16” muted silver colored chain with a 2” extension hangs a mauve colored quartz crystal and a lotus flower charm.

  • Mauve Crystal and Leaf Necklace

    On a 16” muted silver colored chain with a 2” extension hangs a mauve colored quartz crystal and a muted silver colored leaf charm.

  • Purple Aura Quartz Crystal and Star Necklace

    From a 16” silver colored chain with a 2” extension hangs a purple aura quartz crystal and a star charm.

  • Purple Aura Quartz Crystal Heart Necklace

    On a silver colored chain that’s 16” with a 2” extension hangs a purple aura quartz crystal and a heart charm.

  • Purple Aura Quartz Crystal with Moon and Star Charm Necklace

    This purple aura quartz crystal has a moon and star charm that hangs from it. The chain is about 16” long with 2” of extension.

  • Alice in Wonderland Tea Time Crystal Necklace

    Do you love Alice in Wonderland? I do!
    This necklace has an aqua aura quartz crystal chunk with a teapot charm hanging from it. The blue of the Crystal resembles Alice’s dress depicted in most versions of Alice in Wonderland. Keep her and her world of wonder close to you wherever you go. The chain is silver colored and is 16” long with a 2” extension.

  • Blue Aura Quartz Crystal and Crescent Moon Necklace

    From a hunk of blue aura quartz hangs a downward pointing crescent moon. A necklace made for moon goddesses. It’s on a muted silver colored chain that is 16” long with a 2” extension.

  • Quartz Crystal and Tribal Triangle Necklace

    From a chunk of quartz crystal hangs a silver colored charm. It’s a triangle shape with tribal vibes. This necklace could be your new favorite for everyday wear because it matches everything. It’s on a 16” silver color chain with about 2” of extension.

  • Star Cut Tigers Eye, Mookaite and Wood bracelet

    This earthy bracelet connects you with your grounded self. Dimple cut mookaite, star cut tigers eye and some light tan wood beads. All on stretch cord and fits an average adult wrist.

  • Rose Gold, Opalite and Lava Stone Bracelet

    This combination is a personal favorite of mine. Rose gold with black and that moon like glow of Opalite is just out of this world. There is onyx beads on this bracelet for grounding. Lava stone for aromatherapy and essential oils. A rose gold hematite bead and Opalite pop against the black.

  • Labradorite Namaste Necklace

    This necklace is packed full of powerful stones.
    Labradorite, tigers eye, and onyx. All very grounding and protective energetic properties. Find peace.

  • Hamsa Necklace

    Upcycle piece adorned with a Hamsa hand to create a simple yet beautiful pendant. Hangs on a short beaded necklace with an adjustable chain on the end.

    The Hamsa Hand is an ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolizing the Hand of God. In all faiths it is a protective sign. It brings its owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune.


    Hamsa Necklace

  • Moon and Star Crystal Necklace

    This celestial necklace is made up of so many stellar stones.
    Quartz Crystal
    Blue laced agate
    Swarovski Crystal
    Metal and glass

    Short/medium length
    Sits middle to high in the chest.

  • Bullet Crystal Necklace

    Turning darkness to light, this extra long necklace is just that. Taking a bullet casing and wire wrapping a crystal together transfers that negative energy into positive.

  • Teal Agate Slice Necklace

    This rose gold colored chain and circles have quite the hunk of agate hanging off of them. A statement piece for summer that sits high on the chest.

  • Lava and Opalite Diffuser Necklace

    The lava stone is such a great stone because of how well it holds oils. You can put your favorite essential oil on this bead and enjoy it all day long. It’s on a short chain and sits high on your chest.

  • Wolf Moon Spirit Art Print

    Howling at the moon, this print is 5” by 7” and is on heavy card stock.

  • Outer Space Dog Moon Spirit Art Print

    This dog is out of this world!

    The print is 5” by 7” and is on heavy card stock.

  • Crystal Axolotl Moon Spirit Art Print

    You just can’t help but smile when you see this little cutie.
    The print is 5” by 7” and is on heavy card stock.

  • Crystal Raven Moon Spirit Art Print

    This Raven is bearing gifts of crystals from another world, another time.
    The print is 5” by 7” and is on heavy card stock.

  • Agate Geode Slice Necklace

    This slice of agate has crystals forming on the inside! So cool! A window of magic! On a short chain to sit high on your chest and wire wrapped in Argentium silver(.999)

  • Elephant Moon Spirit Art Print

    Elephants are such majestic creatures. Here’s one holding a lotus flower with crystals hanging from it.
    5” by 7” and on heavy card stock.

  • Chandelier Crystal and Copper Necklace

    This necklace has up-cycled chandelier crystals paired with antique copper chain, swarovski crystals and glass. A modern take on vintage.

  • Amethyst Cluster Necklace

    An amethyst cluster wire wrapped in Argentium silver (.999) on a short silver colored chain.

    Amethyst is a natural tranquiliser, it relieves stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety. Alleviates sadness and grief, and dissolves negativity. Amethyst activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities.

  • Moody Metallic and Quartz Crystal Stacked Bracelet

    Quartz Crystal and purple tigers eye mixed with Swarovski crystals, labradorite and glass.

  • Flame Aura Quartz Crystal and Hematite Circle of Protection Necklace

    Flame Aura Quartz is Clear Quartz that is treated by permanently fusing titanium crystals to it, this gives it its beautiful rainbow colouring. It is usually associated with the Third Eye and Root Chakras, bringing energy, excitement and a motivation for life.
    The stone is suspended in an Argentium silver(.999) wire wrapped circle. The hematite spike hangs from the bottom. The chain is short and it will sit high on your chest.


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